Womens Open Mat at Pendergrass Academy

Women’s Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open Mat – Wake Forest, NC

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Women Only in Wake Forest, NC This is a free event where we will have triangle area women who already participate in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu come train with other ladies from varioius schools. Participants are encouraged to bring a Wake Forest area friend. Also, this event is open for all new…

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10 stretches for flexibility

10 More Stretches for Flexibility – Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts

10 More Stretches for Flexibility – Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts – Wake Forest, NC In this video Guy Pendergrass of the Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts in Wake Forest, NC is back to teach 10 more stretches for overall flexibility.  In particular these stretches focus on legs, lower back, hips, neck, and shoulders which…

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George Pendergrass Foundation

Roll-A-Thon presented by George Pendergrass Foundation

George Pendergrass Foundation Roll-A-Thon The George Pendergrass Foundation is proud to announce our 12 hour Roll-A-Thon to raise money for cancer research!  This will be 12 hours of non-stop rolling and mini-seminars taught by local black belts.  The participants simply use the Paypal link via the “Ticket” link located on our Facebook event page and…

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Closed Guard – Back Take and Submissions with Renato Charuto Verissimo at Pendergrass Academy

Renato Charuto Verissimo at Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts Renato Charuto Verissimo made his yearly visit to the Pendergrass Academy for another great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar.  In this video Charuto shows a variety of attacks from the traditional closed guard! Be sure to Like this video and for more great technique check out and…

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Hygiene and Training Do's and Don'ts Martial Arts Wake Forest

Hygiene + Training Do’s and Don’ts Wake Forest Martial Arts

Hygiene and Training Do’s and Don’ts in Martial Arts In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing we spend a lot of time sweating and pushing ourselves while training. We train barefooted and there is a lot of personal closeness with our partners.  As a result there are some Do’s and Don’ts that go hand…

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How to Get Better at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Many people ask, “How do I get better at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?  How can I improve at a faster rate.”  In this video Professor Rob discusses a simple answer to this question.    

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The 4 D’s of Discipline – Wake Forest Martial Arts and Music

Discipline – What does it take? In this video Professor Rob of Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts and Anthony Clayborne of Guitar Plus NC here in Wake Forest discuss the 4 D’s of Discipline. Whether you’re talking about accomplishing great things in martial arts or in playing music, discipline is needed to reach these goals.…

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Kids Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Wake Forest

Kid Jitsu Self Defense Technique In this video Professor Rob demonstrates some of the techniques we have been working on the Kids Jitsu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts classes over the past few weeks. Here he shows a side kick to double leg take down ending in mount. Next, the kids learned how to defend…

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Assortment of fresh vegetables and fruit

Training and Nutrition

Knowledge of Nutrition is Power We’ve all likely heard the phrases “knowledge is power” and “we are what we eat”.  When it comes to nutrition, knowledge truly is powerful but it might not be what we think, at least in conventional terms.  We often think of food as a means to satisfy our hunger, sustain…

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3 Simple Tips for Kids Approached by Strangers

3 Simple Tips for Kids To Follow When Approached by Strangers As educators and instructors of self defense and safety in Wake Forest we wanted to share 3 Simple Tips for Parents and Kids on how to handle situations when a stranger approaches kids. In the past month a pair of suspicious men in a…

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