5 Tips to Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential in Martial Arts

My Child is Involved in Martial Arts, How Can I Help Them Reach Their Potential?

So, your child is now actively participating in the martial arts and you want to help them reach their full potential! The following five tips will help you support, encourage, and facilitate their learning and foster a positive environment for their growth in their martial arts studies. Practice these tips weekly as your son and/or daughter begins and continues their training.

Tip 1: Setting Reasonable Goals

Setting goals is imperative so that each child can track their own progress. A great example in jiu jitsu is to set a goal to earn your very first stripe. Making your goal to earn the next belt may be too far of a jump for many kids. Setting a short term goal (earning the next stripe) is a more reasonable objective as compared to a longer term goal (earning the next belt). If the goal is perceived as being unattainable (in the eyes of the child) then they are more likely to become discouraged and quit.

Tip 2: Hold Them Accountable for Their Goals

Children need to be held accountable for the goals that they make for themselves. In the case of martial arts and being promoted in rank, attending class of course is imperative to improve. There is a direct correlation between class attendance and improved skill set. Just like adults, they do not always feel like going to class. So, this is a great opportunity to remind them of their goal(s) to be promoted to their next rank. This is how we have explained it in class before; “if you want to earn your next stripe/belt you need to come to class, do a great job, earn your sticker, and fill your chart up so that you can test during the next testing week”. Children can understand this logic, but just need to be reminded.

Tip 3: Communicate With the Instructors

Any good martial arts program will make time for instructors to be available to speak with parents. If there are ever any concerns, questions, or feedback instructors will make time to speak with parents. This is also a great opportunity to speak about your son and/or daughter’s progress and development. These meetings can be used to involve the youth student so that they can be provided positive feedback regarding their progress. And if necessary talk about any concerns on the part of the child.

Tip 4: Learn as They Go

Take time to learn along with your child some of the fundamentals such class rules, how to tie a belt, and even names of the techniques. By being in the know, you can serve as a resource for your child (i.e. helping them tie their belt) and be better able to monitor their development (i.e. do they know the name of the techniques). Children always respond better and have more positive experiences when they know their parent(s) are taking an active involvement in their activities.

Tip 5: Practice at Home

Anytime you have the opportunity to practice with your son and/or daughter at home this will only reinforce their commitment to improving. This also demonstrates to your child that your involvement in what they do is important to you. Benefits of practicing at home are numerous including strengthening the parent/child relationships, improving martial art skill, prepare for testing, and many many others.

Video Resource

Here is a good video demonstrating a fun game that parents can play with their son and/or daughter at home.  This will help to reinforce the skills learned on the mat!

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