Childrens Martial Arts Classes in Wake Forest, NC

Martial Arts Classes for Children in Wake Forest, NC

Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts offers martial arts currently offers classes for children in WakeForest, NC and surrounding areas.  Classes focus on character development (confidence, Bullyproof, setting and achieving goals, and many others), physical fitness, and self defense.  Each class is designed to offer high energy and a goal oriented approach to meet the needs all of the children.  Each student is given the opportunity to increase confidence thier confidence through step by step progression of our rank system (belts).  This is a great concrete marker of progess that the kids can identify and follow.  Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts offers a Free 30 Day Trial offer for all new students.

Childrens Martial Arts Programs

Little and Junior Champions

The Champions Program will be sure to improve your child’s focus, coordination, social interaction skills, balance, listening skills, confidence, self control, and teamwork. Our dynamic Champions instructors build confidence in our students, and prepare them for life. On the mat students will be inspired and motivated, and instructors will build values that will transcend into success. If you are looking for your child to increase confidence, focus, self discipline, or any other of the Black Belt principles taught at Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts.
Little Champions (5-8 years old)
Junior Champions (9-13 years old)
Programs include:
Kid Jitsu Basics
Black Betl Club
Elite Champions Club

Top 7 Reasons Your Child Should Train in Martial Arts – What Every Parent Should Know

This Ebook covers a variety of benefits of martial arts training for children. It also includes a bonus section of how to pick the right martial arts facility for your child.

Click the image to the right to access a Free copy of this ebook!  It has a lot of practical and useful information for any parent considering enrolling their child in the martial arts.



Childrens Martial Arts Resource

Our last resource for this article is a link to a Squidoo lens that features much of these same resources including additional videos.  Please click on this link to access this resource.

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