Drilling…Have a Good Partner!

A few weeks ago we received a Facebook message about training.


Now, every academy is different in how they run classes and structure training sessions.  While we don’t actively assign training partners during each adult class, it does bring up a good point about what each student should be doing to maximize their training and progress.  We’d also like to point out that it’s our belief that drilling is a very important aspect of training.  Drilling offers every skill level the opportunity to commit to memory new techniques, improve specific aspects of a technique such as speed, and chain together a series of techniques that is personalized to an individual students “game”.  Here are a few suggestions we would like to offer everyone.

Seek out partners with similar goals

Try and find someone who you have noticed that is serious about training, consistently drills, and is a cooperative partner to others.

When you get a partner who doesn’t drill as much as you’d like

Talk with your partner and ask them to drill a technique a set number of times (have a goal of the number of repetitions you would like to reach).

How to maximize drilling

Drilling is not just, “Disciplined, repetitious exercise as a means of teaching and perfecting a skill
or procedure” but also a means to develop other important aspects of your training.  As previously mentioned drilling can help develop speed, but also can help develop mental aspects of your game.  You can definitely just go through the motions and step by step process of a technique, which is fine especially when you are learning a technique for the very first time.  The ultimate goal of learning a technique is to be able to go through executing it without having to stop and think of the individual steps and also maintain as many of the important details while executing it (which increases your chance of being successful with the move).  Another important aspect of drilling that can be implemented during training is the sport psychology aspect.  For example, while drilling a technique with your partner think in your mind that your pulling the move off on someone that is really good like a  world champion competitor.  This concept is simplistic, but can have a profound impact on your belief in being competent with the technique.  But, you have to “believe” that you are really pulling the move off on a world champion like Rafa Mendes!

What the Instructor can do to help all students drill better

As instructors we can have a huge impact on the overall experience of drilling and training for all our students in class.  Here are just a few examples of what we have implemented over the years.  First, sometimes we will set a timer for students when they are practicing techniques.  We tell students that they have “X” amount of time to execute as many repetitions of the technique before it is time to switch (and let there partner get their turn).  This forces the students to keep practicing the techniques for a predetermined amount of time.  Second, from time to time we talk with the entire class about the importance of drilling and being good training partners.  We talk about why we are here training together and how we can help each other grow and improve!  And thirdly, we can talk with students privately and speak with them about the importance of different aspects of training such as drilling.  Students appreciate the individual attention and advice to help them improve.

In Conclusion

Drilling and good partners are a hugely important part of anyone’s success in training.  It’s important for everyone to understand why we drill and know what it takes to be a good training partner.  We hope you guys and girls find this information useful and it helps you develop personally in your training!


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