“Leave Me Alone” Standing Up for YOURSELF against Bullies in Wake Forest

“Leave Me Alone”.

Three Words to Stand Up to any Bully!

As simple as this sounds there is nothing more powerful than standing up to a bully and letting them know what you think.

The #1 thing I believe we can teach any child is to be confident.  But, becoming confident takes work.  There is a saying we use, “Competence Builds Confidence”!

Finding a skill, hobby, or any activity thata child can practice, work at at, and build upon is one of the best ways to learn and become more Confident through the competence of mastering those skills.

A more confident child usually means a more socially adjusted, out going, and happier child.

There is no better activity in my opinion for building CONFIDENCE than martial arts.  Kids learn honor, respect, discipline, humility, how to focus, and so much more while practicing martial arts.

The ultimate tool learned is the ability to defend one self.

I would never teach a child to stand up to a bully if they weren’t able to defend themselves.  How confident would someone be if they didn’t know how to swim and I just pushed them in the deep end of a pool.

It would be sink or swim.  In the case of a bully, unfortunately most would sink.

I hope you join us for our Free Bully Workshop on Wed. July 16th at 6:30pm.

Bully Workshop Flyersmaller

Call 919-819-1908 to reserve a spot as we are limiting it to 25 kids.  Plus, Free Pizza!

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