Martial Arts Summer Camp Benefit #2 – Wake Forest, NC

Martial Arts Summer Camp in Wake Forest, NC – Benefit #2 : Feeling Competent

There are many benefits for kids to attend a martial arts summer camp!  In our next post we’ll be looking at our second benefit of martial arts summer camps which includes … “Feeling Competent”.

Feeling Competent:  A Summer Camp Experience!

Kids that attend our summer camp and experience the martial arts are offered the opportunity to develop a sense of competence through a variety of activities and drills.

Kids participating in the summer camp will be led through various activities that will teach them a variety of skills including improved communication, physical fitness, teamwork, and many others.  As the kids improve and learn new skills, they gain a sense of accomplishment and competence.  For example, when a child learns a new martial arts technique and are able to successfully execute this move, they immediately have a feeling of accomplishment.  Couple this with positive reinforcement from our instructors and each child can’t help but develop a sense of competence.  “Competent children are more confident in themselves and able to be more independent in all aspects of their lives.”  The feeling of being competent is one of the most valuable life experiences that any child can have!

Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts Summer Camp, Wake Forest NC

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