Martial Arts Summer Camp Benefit #4 – Wake Forest, NC

Martial Arts Summer Camp in Wake Forest, NC – Benefit #4 : Feeling of Belonging

There are many benefits for kids to attend a martial arts summer camp!  In our next post we’ll be looking at our fourth benefit of martial arts summer camps which includes … “Feeling of Belonging”.

Feeling of Belonging:  Martial Arts Summer Camp!

One of the best benefits of camp is the opportunity it gives kids to feel like they belong.  The sense of a common purpose and attachment to the identity that camp promotes goes a long way to offering children a sense of being rooted.  Through our common purpose of teaching kids how to deal with bullies, how to lead healthier lifestyles, building a sense of teamwork, and just having fun allows everyone the opportunity to feel as they belong to the group.  Through this feeling of belonging kids are able to build a strong sense of self, confidence, and social skills.  “You can’t build a society purely on interests, you need a sense of belonging” – Valery Giscard d’Estaing.   This quote helps to solidify the importance for our basic human need to feel like we belong to the group.

It is our purpose and mission to have all our kids that participate in our camp to have fun, learn valuable life skills, and feel like they belong to the group!

Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts Summer Camp, Wake Forest NC

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