Safety Tips at School…Don’t be a Victim!

Safety Tips at School

When we think of school we think of an environment where our children are safe and able to learn and grow.  Even in such a “safe” environment anything can happen.  The majority of abductions typically occur before or after school.  Here we explore some safety tips that anyone can follow at school.

Tip 1

However, abductions can even occur during the day.  Even in such a safe environment anything is possible.  We highly recommend to never walk around during school hours by yourself.  Make sure to always have a buddy you can walk with from class to class and even to the restroom if possible.  Kidnappers would prefer to get a kid alone as they are much easier targets to abduct.

The time we must be aware of potential danger as mentioned earlier, is before or after school.  Kidnappers are very sneaky and will try to blend in.  With so many teachers, parents, and other family members who will likely be in the crowd you can’t always know who is who.  Abductors may try and blend in over several weeks.  They lay back just observing and learning the routine of early morning and/or afternoon pick up for the kids.  So, it’s not always a “stranger” that you have to be worried about.  It can be someone you’re use to seeing.

Tip 2

During this time they may learn the names of kids in a few different ways.  One way is when a friend calls out your name to say goodbye.  Or, as many parents do, they may mark their child’s belonging such as a book bag with their child’s name on it.  Many parents do this in case their child loses their items and can be easily identified later.  As this is a great idea we recommend marking the items with their names in a hidden location that isn’t viewable by others.

One day when the person who you may be use to seeing that looks trustworthy and acts trustworthy might ask you to come with them or wants to show you something.  They may even call you by name making it even more believable to trust them.

Tip 3

One of the most common things they might say is, “Your mom told me to come pick you up today”.  So, how do you know if they can be trusted or not?  It is not totally out of the question that a parent who is late at work or who has been in an accident would ask someone they know to pick up their child.

The answer is to create a Safe Word.  This is a word only you and your parent will know.  If someone you don’t know asks you to come with them all you have to do is simply ask them the Safe Word.  If they don’t know it then you know a parent didn’t send that person and you shouldn’t go with that person.

We hope you found these tips helpful and take the time to sit down with your child to discuss this important topic and develop a Safe Word today.

Let us know what you think about these tips and suggestions.  If you have other safety tips you have implemented with your child please share them here.

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