When Your Training is in a Slump! (Part 4) Win Only Mentality

Having a Win Only Mentality

In our first 3  posts of the series “When Your Training is in a Slump” we discussed a variety of topics.  These included “Comparing Yourself to Others”, “Outside Influences”, and “Being Closed Minded”.  In our 4th and final installment of this series we’ll discuss how having a “Win Only Mentality” can lead to a training slump!

What is a Win Only Mentality

In terms of jiu jitsu, winning is usually equated to a submission victory.  So, for most students they only feel like they have won if they catch their training partner in a submission.  Having this concrete black and white type logic can be detrimental to your training.  Of course exerting dominance over a training partner in terms of positions and transitions can be viewed as winning.   But, for the sake of our discussion the submission is the indicator of a win.

The Effects of Having a Win Only Mentality

When you only view your progress through the eyes of winning (i.e. again in terms of submissions) you miss out on a host of other variables used to track your progress.  Submissions are the ultimate objective in jiu jitsu of course.  However, there are many other parts that lead to the ultimate objective (submissions) including sweeps, guard passes, maintaining positions, and transitional setups to name a few.

If you walk away from a training session only using submissions as your guide for performance, then you may ultimately lead to a training slump.  As we have previously discussed everyone goes through plateaus in their training.  Using only one variable to measure that progress limits the person to seeing how they are progressing in other areas.  Maybe you didn’t catch that last training partner in a submission, but maybe you passed his guard three times!  When you don’t meet your objective (getting the submission) you are likely to feel frustrated about your performance.  When you feel frustrated you are likely to have negative thoughts about your abilities on the mat.  When you have negative thoughts related to your training you are more likely to not want to go to class.  When you think you aren’t doing well on the mats and don’t want to go to class you are likely not to keep training.

Win Only Mentality: Other Areas to Gauge besides Submissions

1.  Surviving (i.e. not being submitted, maintaining guard, etc.)

2.  Passing Guard

3.  Sweeping

4.  Getting to a Dominant Position

5.  Holding a Position

 When Your Training is in a Slump

We hope that you have found this series “When Your Training is in a Slump” to be helpful and informative!  Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the posts or if you would like to add anything helpful.


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